With my three little birds

With my three little birds


Every so often, a brand needs a kickass veteran with a birdseye view and a clear understanding of the many parts that make a whole. Someone who knows how the ship is run and can roll up her/his/their sleeves and solve any problem.

I wear many hats in my life. From creative marketing professional (brand strategist, copywriter) to artist’s wife (sneaky plug for L5 Hats) to running a household (mom, chef, nurse), I am a master of solving problems. In my 20+ years of work experience, I've learned that no matter which arts we do master, we can't do it all alone.

I grew up in the Cayman Islands. I reside in New York City. I have three kids. And I'm a Costa Rican-born-British-Caymanian (which basically means I can take on international clients and legally work for them on two continents and a gorgeous, Caribbean Island).

Email me to start a conversation about how I can help you solve a problem: andrea@andrealumsden.com.